About us

Polivektris Group is an experienced thermoplastic manufacturer, we operate worldwide with a wide range and high-quality products. Our products are well known and acknowledged globally.

Polivektris Group's focus is environmental protection and green economy, therefore we operate recycling center and high-tech laboratory.

Our strengths


More than 20 years of experience and customer trust.


One of the biggest thermoplastic manufacturers in Baltic states.

High quality

Our products conform to the highest standards


We produce no waste, we recycle and revive.

Our values

At POLIVEKTRIS, we have been producing solid sheets of PETG, PMMA, PC, and PETA for over 20 years. Our partnership approach is a cornerstone of our philosophy - we go above and beyond standard commercial practices to treat every customer as a valued partner. Our commitment to quality is paramount, which is why we have a multi-step quality control system and a modern laboratory that ensures every product we produce meets our high standards.

We work only with top suppliers and raw materials and are committed to sustainable production practices. Our green energy initiatives, which include the use of solar panels and recycling waste into the production of other products, demonstrate our commitment to reducing our environmental impact. We also create special recycled products and innovative solutions that set us apart from the competition.

At POLIVEKTRIS, we pride ourselves on developing long-term partnerships with our customers, who we consider to be our partners. We create bespoke cooperation formulas that best suit their needs and support their growth by providing the best possible service and terms. Our customers can rely on us for consistent quality, innovative products, and a commitment to sustainability. Once you become our partner, we are confident that you will see the value of our approach and choose to work with us for years to come.